Adding a basement to a new home can create space for rooms or a drive-under garage. A basement adds value to virtually any home. However, issues with an extremely steep or rock-filled lot can make the price of a basement exorbitant. Cliffside homes or mountain homes can have these issues.

cost to dig a basement new construction

But, a typical basement is affordable and well worth the investment. This includes digging the basement, building materials, basement windows and waterproofing. Adding rooms for children, a home theater, spare bedroom or workout area is relatively easy. But the cost starts to climb if the project includes high-end tile work, hardwood flooring, wall coverings and upscale plumbing and lighting fixtures. A poorly constructed basement will crack sooner or later.

Repairs can be costly or next to impossible to fix. When building a new house, make sure a contractor overseeing basement construction is highly recommended. Your foundation is literally holding up the weight of your house. If you are acting as your own general contractor on new construction, call expert builders in your area to get names of professionals fully qualified to manage the excavation problems and construction of a new basement.

If necessary, pay more to get the best qualified contractor. During new construction, go onsite to make sure a contractor follows through on implementing moisture prevention and barriers for your new basement. Don't allow a builder to seal the interior of your basement walls. This can trap moisture in the blocks. Instead, make sure a new basement is properly sealed from the exterior. If your basement already exists and it's leaking water, you will need to carefully clean out cracks and fill with stiff mortar or concrete.

Then, seal the interior with a waterproofing mixture. A new type of drywall called densglass is highly moisture resistant. It can be nailed directly to concrete walls with no furring strips.

Cliffside homes or mountain homes can require steel support both horizontally and vertically in the form of steel beams. Basements that are deeper than 12 feet should ideally be made of solid concrete. Don't allow any house to be built too deep into the ground. Make sure the top of the foundation is a minimum of 18 inches above the highest point of soil. Judi Light Hopson is a national stress management expert and psychology issues writer.

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Basements give lots of living options. Basement Estimates. Share this article. Judi Light Hopson. Show Comments.Basements have declined in popularity in recent years, but homeowners in colder climates tend to have them due to codes requiring that foundations fall at or below the frost line. A basement can come in handy in a dangerous storm as well as add extra square footage to your house. Basements can also be prone to flooding in certain areas, so it can pay to get an expert opinion before you dig.

A contractor should be able to give you an estimate based on your unique needs. It can help, while using a basement cost estimator, to know what alternatives cost.

A crawl space is a great alternative to the ever-popular concrete slab, but it may cost more. The benefit of this type of foundation is that it elevates the house, protecting it against water damage if your area tends to get a lot of rain.

In many areas of the U. The actual cost varies depending on the type of slab. There are two types:. Due to the lower expense when compared to the cost to dig a basement for new construction, many builders often opt for a concrete slab foundation. It allows developers to offer more house for the money. In addition to figuring the cost to build a basement, you may also want to price finishing that basement.

The price varies dramatically, depending on the square footage to be renovated, how you plan to use the space and whether you want extras like a fireplace or washer-dryer hookups. Of course, this cost depends on the square footage and nature of your renovations, and you can keep that cost down quite a bit by only finishing a portion of your basement and leaving the rest for storage.

You can technically add a basement to an existing home, but it will cost you. The home will need to be excavated, and then the ground beneath it will have to be dug to make room for that extra floor below. The home will then be set on top of the basement. While this is definitely the most expensive option, you may find that it gives you a sturdier house.

However, building an above-ground addition to your house might be far more cost effective. Over time, homes settle, sometimes leading to cracks and other issues with the foundation.

For bigger issues, though, basements are more expensive to repair than any other type of foundation. Your basement cost estimator should keep in mind that basements can sink, settle and leak, in addition to the possibility that the walls will bow.

The exact cost depends on whether you catch the issue early, before it escalates. Stephanie Faris has written about finance for entrepreneurs and marketing firms since She spent nearly a year as a ghostwriter for a credit card processing service and has ghostwritten about finance for numerous marketing firms and entrepreneurs.

Share It. Stem wall concrete slab — This type of foundation is usually built with rebar-reinforced walls to provide resistance against soil changes. About the Author.Search thousands of topics on CostHelper.


Comments 1. A basement can add additional storage, workshop or living space to a house, especially where it isn't possible to expand out or up. Although traditionally residents of tornado-prone areas have been told to take shelter in a basement if a storm shelter is not available, a basement does not necessarily function as a good tornado shelter unless the basement has been designed and reinforced for that purpose.

Typical costs:. Many experts like Bob Vila [ 1 ] estimate that it is less expensive and less risky to build an above-grade addition or an addition with a basement, next to the existing structure.

However, house-moving companies like Klier Structural Movers [ 2 ] in Ohio assert that adding a basement to an existing house is a cost-effective addition. A basement alone does not guarantee safety during a tornado.

Basement Cost

Constructing an unfinished basement typically includes excavationfootings, walls, a concrete slab floor, utilities, waterproofing, drain tile, back fill and cleanup. A finished basement typically includes all of that plus flooring, walls, ceilings, drywall, windows, and additional waterproofing and more in order to provide the desired living space.

Overall, a basement adds about weeks to the new-house construction schedule.

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A video [ 3 ] illustrates the excavation process. In some areas a basement is not feasible because of a high water table or unusual soil conditions particularly in coastal or marshy areas, or in many parts of Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas ; the cost of excavating through solid rock; or because there is frequent earthquake activity. In colder parts of the country, a home's foundation must be below the frost line, which can require digging down several feet typically about 2.

In those areas, adding a basement during new house construction may require only a few more feet of digging to create a usable basement area.

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In warmer climates where the foundation does not have to be as deep typically 18"" for a crawlspace or a few inches for a slab foundationincluding a basement adds more to the total cost of the house because it requires a lot more additional excavation, far beyond what would be done without a basement.

Adding a basement to an existing house requires: building permits and engineering plans; raising and supporting the house; excavating the basement space and hauling away the dirt ; re-grading and creating new drainage; and pouring concrete footers, floors and walls.

A video [ 4 ] illustrates the process using a skid loader. Shopping for a basement:.

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For new home constructionwork with the architect to include a basement in the house design and blueprints. For a remodeling project that includes adding a basement either under the existing home or as part of an addition being builtthe National Association of the Remodeling Industry offers tips for choosing a contractor [ 5 ]as well as a searchable database [ 6 ] of its members.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Basement Or Foundation?

If possible, get several estimates. Request and check references from previous customers. Verify that the company is properly insured, bonded and licensed [ 7 ] ; search for any complaints with the Better Business Bureau [ 8 ]. Request a written contract or agreement that specifies the work to be done and the rates to be charged. CostHelper News. It's especially hard for the millions of Americans who depend on government programs like food stamps to help make ends meet.

Posted November 11 If something shouldn't move and it does, use duct tape.

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If something should move and it doesn't, use WD Posted September 30 Was this post helpful to you? Report prohibited or spam.How much does it cost to dig a basement? See Full Answer. How much does it cost to lift a house and put in a basement? Building a Basement. A basement can up your property value while providing extra storage and even living space. The cost of a basement is between 10 and 35 dollars per square feet.

Let's say an average basement is 1, square feet of finished space. Can you put in a basement under an existing house? A basement alone does not guarantee safety during a tornado. Structural Problems can be the most costly to fix, but the signs are often dismissed as normal aging or settling.

If the foundationor load bearing structure, is damaged, cracks, uneven floors, or doors and windows that don't work right, usually result. Horizontal cracks are more serious, indicating moist soil has frozen and pushed into the foundation, breaking it. While these signs may result from normal settlingmore often they are signs of a more serious foundation issue.

How much does it cost to put in a basement? Build Your Own House explains the pros and cons of a crawl space foundation. This includes new fixtures like a new toilet, new sink, and a new bathtub. It also includes the cost of new tiling, new cupboards, and a countertop for the sink.

Can you put a basement under a house? Since the foundation in your average raised ranch home is typically a slab, digging a basement underneath could be prohibitively expensive, though possible.

cost to dig a basement new construction

After all, just about any structure can be underpinned to allow digging below. It's evident that such jobs can cost up to half as much as a house is worth. How much does it cost to dig a well? How much does it cost to pour a foundation?Get free estimates from concrete contractors near you or view our cost guide below. A correctly installed foundation holds the weight and load of the house in place, keeps moisture out, insulates against the cold, and resists the movement of the surrounding earth.

Foundation installation prices include the cost of excavation, grading, and the number of footings. The type of foundation and depth dictate the cost of materials and labor.

Calculating your house foundation cost depends on:. The total cost depends on the size, condition of the soil, location, and whether it's a monolithic slab, stem wall slab, or a raft foundation. The more uniform shape the house is, the lower the cost.

When different sections of the house start projecting off from a central shape, with sloping in the site, it's more expensive. Many contractors recommend building a basement over a crawl space due to the ROI on extra living or storage space. The cost is somewhat higher than a pier and beam home due to the additional excavation costs and concrete perimeter walls, but also protects against water damage.

Homeowners can install ventilation areas throughout the perimeter, or completely close off the crawl space. Your final cost will depend on the size and thickness of the slab, and if you add any special reinforcement such as wire mesh or rebar.

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This is the easiest and cheapest foundation for a home. Within this category are one-way beam and two-way beam slabs. After the rebar is set and the footings are poured, polysteel or masonry stem walls forms are insulated with polystyrene blocks, and the stem walls are poured. All rough-in plumbing is set up, and then the concrete is pumped in using a boom pump over a compacted area filled with structural sand fill. A stem wall foundation works well when building on a slope, as different sections can be built to different heights.

The slab can be elevated to accommodate septic systems based on gravity flow. Stem walls add stability to homes and buildings in areas where earthquakes may happen, or soil may become unstable. Mat or raft foundations are used where there are poor ground conditions, such as soil that is unable to bear any loads. The concrete slab rests on steel-reinforced soil, columns, or walls.

The load or the weight of the house is stabilized through the raft foundation and dispersed to the earth. It typically takes three workers a full 8 hours to pour a foundation. After the lot is graded with sand and crushed gravel, and footings are poured, one solid slab is poured for the entire house, usually inside a wooden frame filled with rebar—iron mesh—to strengthen the concrete slab and prevent cracking.

Basement installation cost depends on excavation, grading, materials, labor, size, style, and finishing. Once excavation work is complete, a typical unfinished basement is built in three steps — footings, walls, floor. Prices can vary significantly based on the condition of the soil light, wet, or rockand the type of equipment used.Everyone was so very accommodating.

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cost to dig a basement new construction

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The Average Cost of a Basement

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cost to dig a basement new construction

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